Florida Stone Crab


It’s Florida Stone Crab season once again and this much sought after crustacean for both commercial and recreational crabbers is legal to catch and to buy in the state from mid-October to mid-May.

Most of the Florida Stone Crab claws are harvested off the Florida Peninsula’s southern tip, which ranges from the Panhandle to Key West. They can also be found in the same shallow places where you could hunt bugs. The Florida Stone Crab can shelter itself from knee-deep seagrass meadows to reefs as deep as 200 feet. But recreational crabbers can have luck finding them in the inshore parts of inlets surrounding rocks, bridges, docks, and sea walls.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of catching them crustaceans, but if you relish savoring them at home steamed or go gourmet with stone crab recipes like crab rice with charred green onion, or stone crab claws with Cilantro butter, you can buy them by the pounds and their respective sizes: Medium, Large, Jumbo or Colossal Claws! Only at www.flstonecrab.com.

If you have a seafood or fishery village themed restaurant we can supply your Florida Stone Crab requirements from Mid October to Mid May. Just book in advance because we expect an influx of orders.

If you also have a wholesale or bulk seafood supply business, then our Florida Stone Crab for sale supplies are perfect for you because people say, only the best tasting stone crabs come from the waters surrounding Florida. We don’t know what it is with the blend of surfaces of sea walls and rocks and bridges and how they mix it up with the tonalities of Florida water and the way they produce the best Florida Stone Crab in the whole Florida Peninsula…they are simply the best tasting stone crabs that nature could offer. Get them at www.flstonecrab.com.


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